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BEST OF: History Of Apple Cider (England)

September 7, 2020

In This Episode:

  • The 50 million year story of apples - How almost every apple we eat today originates from one apple variety from Central Asia.
  • The origin of cider - who invented it? And when?
  • Commercial Cider vs. Craft Cider - what to look out for.
  • The story of Johnny Appleseed and cider in the USA.
  • Plus, We visit Bristol, UK, to taste some truly rustic cider, straight from the farm


During Megsy's Maternity leave, we are re-broadcasting a few of our favorite episodes. New Episodes coming soon.



“Apples: There are some 55 different species of apple trees, yet all 7,500 types of modern culinary apple come from a single genus (Malus Pumila) of wild apple, that spread from Kazakhstan over the last 6,000 years. Granny Smith, Fuji, Bramley, Coxes, Pink lady, Red Delicious and many more.”

"One of America’s biggest folk heroes, Johnny Appleseed, took it as his life’s mission to create new orchards across America. Unlike apple trees in the past, which were mainly grown from grafts taken from other trees that came from Europe, Johnny Appleseed, only planted new trees from seeds - as nature intended.
Apples have a unique DNA, more complicated than Human DNA. Unlike taking grafts from existing trees which clone the tree, the seeds can actually create genetically different trees compared to the parent tree. And seed planting led to increased bio-diversity and new American apple varieties.”

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