The Dish Food Travel Show

51 Dream Menu II

February 24, 2020

We create our dream menus (Part 2) - A four course meal made up of the best dishes we've ever eaten after traveling to 95 countries. In Part 2 Mains & Desserts.

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Our dream menu special - celebrating reaching our 50th/51st episode of The Dish podcast, is a homage to one of our favourite food comedy podcasts, Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster. On their show, they are joined each week by a different guest who describes their own dream menu, made up of whatever dishes they want from their life and from around the globe, brought to them in an imaginary way by the genie waiter, James Acaster.

On our show, we (Tommo & Megsy) interview each other about our perfect dream menu options from all over the world. The best bread, starter, Main, side dish & dessert. It's going to get a little ridiculous as we go all out with our ultimate favourites...