B03 Corfu, Greece: More Things To Eat

October 31, 2018

Please Listen to the full episode "What To Eat In Corfu" before listening to this bonus episode.

In this Episode:

  • Some rarer dishes from Corfu and their histories.
  • Some of our favourite restaurant dishes from our many visits to Corfu

B02 Tabasco Sauce

September 7, 2018
In This Episode:
  • The Story Of Tabasco Sauce
  • Did The Creator of Tabasco Sauce Steal The Recipe?
  • Plus, Fun Facts About Tabasco Sauce!

This is one of our “Shopping List” bonus episodes which are only available to our paid subscribers. In this shopping list series we discus the stories of famous ingredients and condiments.

B01 Worcestershire Sauce

September 7, 2018
In This Episode
  • The history of one of the world’s most famous condiments
  • We debunk the origin myth surrounding the original recipe for Worcestershire Sauce
  • PLUS, Almost 200 years of history, Worcester Sauce From Inception to now